The importance of soft sole shoes

Did you know that at birth the bones in a baby’s foot is made up of soft, flexible cartilage? In time this will harden into adult bones but won’t be fully developed until their teens leaving them with the 26 bones of their adult feet. The bones need to develop naturally which is why it is important that your infant is wearing suitable footwear.

As your baby is growing, there is no doubt that barefoot is best. This is so it allows them to stretch those little toes and exercise the muscles in their feet.

Once they are a mobile, soft soles are best as they simulate bare feet conditions whilst giving them that extra support and protection.  At Ollie Jays our shoes are designed using high quality leather which is comfortable and durable and the soft suede soles are cushioned to allow for more flexibility. This enables them to build on their balance and coordination and gives their feet room to breathe and grow naturally.